Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start?

Echo has detailed setup instructions uses all of Discord++'s basic functions

How do I use the Linux setup instructions if I'm on Windows?

You could dual-boot or get Discord++ to work with a Windows compiler, but I'd recommend using WSL

What Linux Distribution should I use?

For beginners, I'd recommend Ubuntu. You could (1) install it under WSL or (2) install it to your system



Is this a Discord app for iOS?

No. The video you came from was baseless speculation about a BetterDiscord app for iOS being called Discord++.

How can I compile Boost myself if my distro has an old version?

It will vary from distro to distro, but try compiling Boost like so:

It may just work

Can you teach me C++?

While Discord++ can make for a great beginner's C++ project, it isn't a great thing to learn C++ with. I'd highly recommend Codecademy for that, their C++ course is free:

How do I use Nlohmann's JSON library?

Check out the library's README, it's pretty darn good:

How do I clone with submodules?

Add --recursive to git clone for git clone --recursive <repository> or you can clone using a graphical tool like GitKraken:

How can I download the submodules if I have already cloned the repo non-recursively?

git submodule update --init --recursive